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Diamond Four Wilderness Ranch


Mountain Ranch Vacation

High in the Wind River Mountains where the road ends and trails begin is Allen's Diamond Four Ranch. Far from civilization, Jim and Mary Allen take pride in the simple rustic comfort their ranch provides guests. Cozy log cabins, main cook lodge and horse corrals await visitors here at 9,200 feet above sea level where the summer night air is brisk and the days temps are just right. The ranch is a perfect place for a family vacation, a summer retreat or a mountain getaway. Your stay includes a cabin, three meals a day in the cook lodge, horseback riding, fishing, natural history hikes and wildlife watching, and it can be upgraded to include pack trips or cattle roundups. The Diamond Four is a small ranch with propane lights, beds and mattresses (bring your sleeping bag and pillow and towel) and wood stove in each cabin, and central shower house with hot water. The ranch is far beyond modern conveniences here at the entrance of the Popo Agie Wilderness Area. The Mountain Ranch Vacation is for people of all ages and is less arduous than the high mountain pack trips that start here also. Enjoy the wilderness solitude and alpine vistas! Fishing
Cutthroat trout are the only native fish in the Wind River Range. However, thanks to the old-timers who horse-packed young fingerlings in milk cans to secluded lakes, today you can also enjoy catching golden, rainbow, mackinaw, brook and beautifully colored hybrid trout. Our part of the Winds is so vast that most folks sign up for one of our 5 - 7 day pack trips to reach just a few of the 30 lakes and many streams available from the Diamond Four Ranch. We encourage catch and release fishing, but recommend fresh pan-fried trout at least once during your stay. also: See Pack Trips
Capacity: 15


En bref....

Chevaux, selles, niveau équestre

programme: Horse Ranch
période: juin - septembre
logement: cabane de rodins
pension: complète
chambres: simple
langue: anglais
non cavalier: ja
cheval privé: nein
min./max. participants: 15



Chevaux:   Quarter Cross, Morgan.

Sellerie:   Western.

Expérience équestre:   .Level: B+ ; Pace: Slow mountain rides
Note: See Pack Trips

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